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Michelle Marvig has Road Tested our products - we are very proud of our review - you can read this in Quilters Companion # 64 January 2014.

Titanium Needles

Quite often I get asked what needles do I use?  The answer is always the same Topstitch Titanium Needles.


One of the most significant parts of today's machines is the least appreciated and most obscure - the Needle. The humble sewing machine needle is shaped to precision and delivers thread to the machine to create a stitch - in my case at high speeds.

We spend thousands of dollars on the most advanced machines, acquire the best fabrics, use the lustrous threads, ahh but all too often this is a waist of time because we usa an old crowbar  or damaged needle or the wrong needle for the fabric. Needles are damaged by normal use, I have a habit .... of "new project new Needle!"  Needles don't have to hit pins to be damaged the become dull, bent, and worn just through normal usage.

A clean, well functioning needle will resuilt in Sharp, well shaped stitches.

The Needle - It's the least expensive part of your sensational project at hand, and the least expensive way to improve the outcome! 

 Titanium needles have a thin layer of titanium nitride plated on the needle in the final step of production....this coating doesn't make the needle stronger - as far as tensile is considered - but keeps the point sharper, longer.  Titanium nitride is a very tough substance and has excellent abrasion resistance.

The Top Stitch needle style is what we personally use on our domestic machines all the time - and is used for sewing, quilting, embroidery, clothing and piecing - everything I sew.

I particularly like the Superior Titanium Needles - they definitely stand up to our punishment and seem to last longer in sharpness than others in the market.

Using the correct needle for your threads is as important as having correct tensions settings.  If too small a needle is used the thread may fray, shred, or break.  There's not too many things more frustrating than having your top thread break constantly while you are having a sewing bee with your mates.....tends to take the shine off things!

So always make sure you know the cotton's manufacturers needle recommendation and bobbin thread recommendation this helps with needle selection.

As most of you know I love King Tut  this is a 40 wt cotton - so I would always use a 90/14 Topstitch Titanium Needle and MasterPiece Bobbin my tension would be set on 3.0 to 4.0  - this would apply to  3 ply extra long staple Egyptian grown cotton.

When a thread is shredding or breaking on your machine, find the point where it is occurring - it will probably be at the needle - If the problem is at the needle, change the needle to the next size larger. Typically a thread will shred fray or break at the needle because the eye is too small to accommodate the thread - causing stress and friction - so Superior Topstitch Needles are the future - try them out - you wont look back!

 FISKARS Products:

Talking tough with these guys - made to last the distance - 2016 saw the release of the Fiskars circle Cutter - I know so its a circle! Well let me tell you its the ants pants!

No more bread and butter plates for me - this product is amazing cuts through 8 layers at a time - great circles - you can piece the circle - create random circles and ring quilts - wedding ring quilts - drunkards path - organic pods.....the list is endless - if its got a curve - Fiskars Circle Cutter is the product to use - check it out on our shopping page for Fiskars Products