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Block Ideas for the Garland of Hearts Template

Garland of Hearts full template cut out to produce a 10.5" Block.

Cutting portions of the template out to produce blocks - 10.5"

Garland of hearts template cutting portions.

 Simply cutting portions out - gives you a totally different look in your block......these two blocks will work with the full garland block in your quilt top - you could simply do a 5 - 4 block setup incorporating the above 3 blocks  - your quilt top would be beautiful.


Looking at the Garland of Hearts cut out on a 12.5" Block

12.5" Block Full Garland with a heart in each corner:


 12.5" blocks using portions and one heart in each corner - the results when combining these blocks are truly sensational.....

This next block is my favourite - if you cut this block out and only used this next block - the movement in your quilt top would be in a crisscross motion - change the colour of the corner hearts by auditioning scraps - baste them into place and applique. Once you have joined the blocks together and I would make a four x four block quilt top which would measure to 48" x 48" it would look sensational.  Lets Look at the block......


Garland Template - cutting only 3 out of the corner of the template:


We have only cut out 3 hearts to make a corner block using scraps - you could sash these together to make a beautiful 20" Block as the centre of a quilt top - or simply build the quilt top using your scraps and the corner block.....

Borders and meandering blocks


 Simply buy cutting 3 - you can achieve a lovely feature in your borders - don't over do the border strip - 2 clusters on the bottom left border use a corner block to go around the corner then 2 clusters along the side - this will give the border some WOW factor!


Or if you have lots of scraps make strips and sash them together........



Or for a wide border you could meander either using the corner or a cluster of 3........


Hope that helped with ideas for quilt tops....remember Garland of Hearts Template, the Rotating Stars Template, the Curve Dresden and the Pointed Dresden can be utilised in the same way - do the lot or do portions!