Quotes These are the best newest items to hit the US in a long time. Our customers "Flip" over them. They bring a WOW factor to a quilt! Keep up the good work! Quotes
Teri Walker

Quotes Don't just stop at one template try them all...I did and now I have to schedule sleep times instead of sewing times :-) Dorothy Quotes
Dorothy Minett

Quotes I have just completed a quilt using the garland of hearts template and it was an absolute pleasure to work with. Next the rotating hearts! The templates make such detailed blocks so easy, just cut, flip and sew! Love them! Quotes
Happy customer

Quotes I meet Brenda at the Mad quilters gathering in Penrith this year and took her workshop on twisted hearts. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and brought all her current temples to play with in my spare time. Im currently using the heart templates to create a quilt in purple and greens. I would encourage everyone to use these wonderful templates Quotes
Brand new lover