Frequently asked questions on Flip la K Products

  1. How can I learn more about Flip la K ?.

    Flip la K in conjunction with resellers run workshops in all the products of the Flip la K range.

    Retreat weekends are always great fun. I found the last retreat excellent. Contact Flip la K if you have a group that is interested in taking a workshop and we can come to you.

    Flip la K runs workshops with Authorised Resellers.

    Interlude …. Each year we run what is called a quilt & craft interlude to raise money for the local community or charity of the community’s choice – need more information ring Flip la K or check out our website.

  2. How much are these templates ?

    Flip la K have made the templates affordable for every body the small templates are normally $12.00; medium templates are $30.00 and Larges templates are $40.00; Templates with patterns are normally around $40.00 – so if you utilize your stash with a Flip la K template it works out to an extremely cost effective solution.

  3. Where are the templates made?

    Templates are made on-site at Stroud NSW – we are proud of our product and produce them ourselves – Brenda Burgess is the creator – and Alwyn (Salty) Williams is the product manager, Salty personally overseas the template production and packaging to ensure the highest quality!

  4. Where do I get Flip la K Templates?

    From Authorized Resellers:


    Ask at your local store. Having trouble finding a Flip la K - contact us – 0249921631 Or email fliplak1@gmail.com

  5. How do I Care for my template?

    Caring for your template is easy – if it gets dirty just wash it warm water and dry it with a micro fibre cloth – don’t use any alcohol based cleaners – just water.

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