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         What is Flip la K ?


Flip la K is a series of templates designed specifically to slash flip and appliqué fabric.

It is a fantastic technique enabling you to utilize your stash and give it a bit of WOW factor.  

Ever had trouble picking colours that go with each other?

Flip la K allows you to audition your fabric, this helps make that choice so much easier.

Right through the Flip la K Range of templates you will find a consistent way of working with them, once you have used one of the block templates, the total range follows suit on usage.

The templates are a series of Block or Border templates making life a lot easier when it comes to deciding what border fabric to use, or what blocks to make.

Run out of fabric and so has the store, how are you going to finish your quilt top? By looking for complimentary fabric to your quilt top, you can use one of the Flip la K border templates, and create your own border design with heaps of WOW factor.

Or you could just utilize some of Flip la Ks Templates and create some beautiful 10 inch blocks, then create a border to suit.

The world is your oyster when it comes to Flip la K, you can mix and match templates in one project, you can use a portion of the template or use the whole template to create a larger block ..The choice is simple its ....

 Flip la K!

Who is Flip la K ?

Founder & creator of Flip la K is Brenda Burgess, a 57 year old Aussie Girl ? born and raised in Sydney.  Now based in the Upper Hunter of NSW at Stroud, giving her more time for creativity and workshops.  Inspired by her mentor Yan Pring - teaching Brenda colour values and encouraging her to pursue her creativity,  Brenda just loves the product, literally - Flips everything from clothing to quilt tops and bags ..It is contagious you know!

Workshops will take you to a whole new dimension - working out of the square with Flip la K - serious wow factor!

Some of Brenda's favorite products in the Flip la K range are the Twisted Hearts©; the Garland of Hearts © & Rotating Stars ©; Flip ways©;  these templates make great blocks, to compliment the blocks I cant go past the Chain Border ©, and the Star Border © - and some of our great new sets of templates that are designed to keep you going for months, my favourite set is Flip-n Curvey Ribbons ©.

Caring for your template is easy, if it gets dirty just wash it in warm water and dry it with a micro fibre cloth, don't use any alcohol based cleaners, just water. Store your template in a safe place and take care when you are taking it to workshops & gatherings.

I hope you enjoy my product as much as I do. Thank you for coming to  Flip la K, I hope to meet you at a workshop.

Flip on........