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New Template Release for 2018!

Paris Peeps - Making awesome Wrought Iron Blocks, Giving you the Mystery of whats behind the

Wrought Iron! 

3 Techniques achievable - Flip Applique, Reverse

Applique and simple applique - you can use

the template as a guide to mark out your quilting.

Awesome Product!

See the Shopping section for Pictures and Pricing.

The New Templates will Be Released on the 5th of April at the AQC 2018.

One of the NEW Flip-n Fans - Dragon Fly of Course!

11 in the Series - They Currently come as a Kit.

Release date April 5th 2018 - Raw Edge applique, a bit of weaving and a lot of fun!

Get organised with Hobby Holsters - Skinny; Hobby Holster dual Pouch; or an Original - we use all sizes in our workshop!

New Twisted Hearts!